2017 Committees with Accordion


  • Stuart Kenwell
    Paul Briggs
    Marianne Moore
    Julie Rose
    Petert Gourlay
    James Murray
    Mick Pattison
    Stephen Rose
    Peter Burdess
    Keith Pullan
    Neil Tiplady
    David Tweddle
  • Committee Chairman Jim Murray
    Captain Peter Burdess
    Vice-Captain Stuart Kenwell
    Past Captain David Tweddle
    Lady Captain Julie Rose
    Compliance & Governance Vacant
    Finance Keith Pullan
    Greens Mick Pattinson
    Handicaps and Competitions Jim Murray
    House Neil Tiplady
    Marketing Jim Murray
    Social Vacant
    Strategy Steve Rose
    Paul Briggs
    Peter Gourlay
  • Jim Murray Chairman
    Peter Burdess
  • Neil Tiplady Chairman
    Keith Lownds
    Steve Rose
    Liz Burdess
    Julie Rose
  • Mick Pattinson Chairman
    Peter Burdess Captain
    Julie Rose Lady Captain
    Andrew Welsh Head Greenkeeper
    Mark Brown Assistant Head Greenkeeper
    Peter Gourlay
    Geoff Pennington
    Will Cowan
    Steve Rose
  • Jim Murray Chairman
    Steve Rose
    Paul Briggs
  • Vacant Chairman
    David Bunn
    Lyn Davison
    Barbara Parkin
    Julie Rose
    Neil Tiplady
    Elizabeth Wood
  • Steve Rose Chairman
    David Barton
    Paul Briggs
    Jill Dickinson
    Barbra Parkin
    Peter Schofield
    Paul Swainston
  • Julie Rose Lady Captain and Chair
    Kay Cleasby Lady Vice-Captain
    Marianne Moore Immediate Past Captain
    Marj Will Treasurer
    Vacant Handicaps Secretary
    Kay Cleasby  
    Sue Farrell  
    Norma Hardie  
    Theresa Harrison  
    Helen Morgan  
    Hilary Moss  
    Marie Thompson  
  • Paul Smith Captain
    Will Cowan Past-Captain
    Geoff Pennington Secretary
    Terry Ditchburn Treasurer
  • Barbra Parkin Chairman
    Michael Buckley Junior Liaison Officer
    Owen Thomas Junior Captain
    David Fletcher Professional
    Geoff Sheldon Welfare Officer
    Marion Goodyear

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